Dolphin Browser: Browser Now Recognizes Voice Commands

Image: Pocketnow

One of the most popular Android browsers, the Dolphin Browser, just received an update that brings very innovative new features. The most interesting among them is the Dolphin sonar. With it, the user can access web pages through voice command. According to the developers of Dolphin, now just talk to the browser and it gives the user the expected answer:

Heres what you need to know: Dolphin Sonar is super easy to use and can do almost anything. Instead of typing, tap the microphone at the bottom left or just shake your phone (because who doesn't want an excuse to do that!). Then say what you want to say and Dolphin will do the rest.

As stated above, just touch the microphone icon or even shake your headset and tell Dolphin what exactly you want. The application takes care of the rest.

We decided to test the new Dolphin and in our first test, the browser quickly took us to the homepage of AndroidPIT. We tested Dolphin on a tablet and unfortunately it didn't work so well when the device was in a horizontal position. Just in this position? A little weird … Probably developers will have to release a new update to fix this bug. Despite this, Sonar proved to be a great resource.

The video below is really hilarious. a commercial about a commercial being made. A girl and her boyfriend are invited to talk about Sonar and the boy declares that such a feature can be harmful as it alters people's behavior on a daily basis. Be sure to watch the video below for a good laugh.

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