Dollify: Meet the cartoon app that the new hit in Brazil | Images

Dollify is a free iPhone (iOS) and Android app that allows users to create their own caricature.

Launched late last year, the app reached the top of the list of the most downloaded software from the Brazilian App Store on Wednesday (26).

The service is ahead of giants like WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube, for example.

According to the AppBrain app monitoring site, Dollify downloads from the Google Play Store are now over 5 million.

The app, which previously only offered female personalization options, began making male figures available last week, which may have helped increase its number of downloads.

Dollify is also on the rise on Twitter, with users comparing cartoons with their own photos.

The app can be downloaded through the dnetc download page.

Dollify: How to make a doll and share on Instagram or WhatsApp

Dollify: Meet the cartoon app that is the new hit in Brazil

Dollify: Meet the cartoon app that is the new hit in Brazil

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Cartoons created with Dollify can have a high level of user customization.

After choosing the skin and eye colors, you can select the shape of the eyelashes and eyebrows, the mouth, and even add sardines to the face.

Hair can also be customized with a variety of cuts and colors.

Finally, the user can insert accessories such as glasses and necklaces.

Last week, the app released an update with male characters.

To use, I need to download the package for free, within the app itself.

When the cartoon is ready, just click the share button to send to social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Other cartoon applications have also been popular with users.

Some examples are Zmoji, MojiPop, Cartoon Photo and Clip2Comic.

Some of them work similarly to Dollify, creating a virtual figure to the user's taste.

Others adapt existing photos to simulate a drawing.

MomentCam, which went viral in 2013 on Facebook.