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Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to fly a plane during World War I? Today's game, Dogfight, transports you into a fighter plane of the time. Dogfight is a flight simulator that promises a lot of time and still has a multiplayer mode. Follow the analysis we have prepared for him.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid Android: 4.0.1Mods: Root

Application requires 10MB internal memory and 35MB on SD card

If you find it difficult to start playing as a World War I aircraft pilot, then try the practice mode to gain practice. You have several planes from which you can choose one to start your flight (the trial version only offers one plane option). Each of the aircraft has different specifications for speed, control and armor. Selecting the plane, you can now start playing and flying. The first few laps with the plane are more techniques for acquiring flight practice and just flying through a series of rims. An arrow indicates the direction of flight to the next hoop. Arrows are not always visible. Luckily, developers include a minimap in the game to assist lost pilots along the way.

The next mission is to find the enemy's airfield. Actually, we don't know we got to an airfield. The game is perhaps lacking in advance to inform the player of the mission he must fulfill.

Multiplayer Mode

What you have to do is shoot down enemy planes using your machine guns and ultimately destroy the enemy camp with heavy artillery. At the same time, you will have to ensure the security of your space. This implies teamwork. So that you can communicate with your flight partners, there is a chat available to organize positions. It is important at all times to contact the war partners to find out who will defend the base or who will be responsible for invading enemy space, for example.

Tilt controls work very well, even when you are typing with your battle mates. This is because the chat window occupies a relatively small part of the screen. Of course, it's not so good to keep typing in battle.

You can change the camera perspective in various ways. That is, you can view everything from the pilot's point of view or through a 3D virtual camera placed at the rear of the plane. The controls are designed to provide a nostalgic turn to the 1920s, which ultimately does not seem to please everyone.

The game has a very interesting soundtrack, but unfortunately it only plays in the main menu. When the game starts for real, you just hear the roar of the old engines. Earlier versions of Dogfight had problems with FX, including interruptions in sound. With the recent update, the problem has been fixed. In the settings option, you can change the control mode, graphics, language and enable or disable sound effects.


Dogfight has a lot of potential for improvement and with the new update has become a good option among so many apps on the Android Market.

Screen & Controls

One thing obvious: Dogfight developers have put a lot of effort and time into an interesting design and ambition. Our testers have stated that the simulation of being on a World War I fighter plane is very effective. Not to mention that the game has different environments, such as snow, clouds, rain or fog.

In version 4.4 of the game, ie its latest version, some errors in the graphics engine were eliminated, which greatly detracted from the previous version. Point to the developers.

The controls are good. It takes a little time to get used to them, but this is quite common, especially with simulator games. There are two control options: classic mode, using the on-screen buttons, and tilt mode (for this mode, be sure to calibrate your phone well).

Speed ​​& Stability

Dogfight still has a problem that, in our view, causes it to lose many stars in our review: very long load time. There are times when you have to wait up to 40 seconds to switch from one menu to another. It is worth mentioning that the game was tested on its latest version and on a Samsung Galaxy X, which cannot be considered a low end smartphone, that is, it has top of the line specs. But with Dogfight, the Galaxy X looked like a poor quality device. This is what Dogfight needs to improve to make it one of the best Android games.

Price / Performance Ratio

There is a free version of Dogfight on the Market. But we don't find it as interesting as the paid version. This, in turn, also available on the Android Market, costs EUR1.99. Given the problems detected, it wouldn't hurt if Dogfight cost a little bit cheaper …

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