Dog photo circulates on Facebook and confuses users | Social networks

A photo shared on Facebook has confused users on social networks.

The image, published last Sunday (2), drew attention because it shows what is apparently an animal with a disability.

However, when looking from another angle, it is possible to realize that it is a dog.

The original post alone, published on the Este Algum page, won over 37 thousand likes and 21 thousand shares.

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The photo quickly spread to other Facebook fan pages.

On the page "Cute pets for those who are tired of politics in the feed", there are more than 6,300 shares and 17,000 likes.

The fanpage post "Minions Sinceros e Irnicos" was liked and shared more than 2,400 and 970 times, respectively.

The image was also published on Twitter.

The @BichinhosFB profile tweet has more than 45,800 likes and 10,400 retweets.

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The angle of the photo and the position of the dog made the animal look like a bizarre creature.

Some said they saw a pig or goat with a disability; others, a calf.

There were even those who said they saw a "demon goat".

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To help users identify the dog, a person turned the photo 90 degrees, clockwise, and wrote what the dog's snout and ear would be.

The comment, made on the page "Este Algum", has more than 2,900 likes and a series of thanks from those who were confused until then.

On Twitter, in turn, users created montages with the photo and made fun of the subject.

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