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Does your smartphone already run with Android Nougat? Check out some tips and tricks

How to optimize RAM and battery consumption

At Android Nougat, the Google developer team has designed and optimized tools to make running background apps benefit users rather than compromise device performance. Thus, applications began scheduling jobs and allowing the system to perform optimizations based on memory, power, and connectivity conditions.

android nougat tips tricks 1
Check battery and RAM usage from settings menu / AndroidPIT

However, for this to happen, these applications must be optimized to work in conjunction with the system. The problem is that not all developers optimize their services and who pays for it the memory and battery of your phone.

If you notice problems with your device's sudden system delays and high power consumption, check the battery and memory settings and see if any applications are consuming above average RAM. Once that is done, go to the developer options and select the "Running Services" option. This will allow you to view and control the currently running services. If you still have a question, learn how to access developer options.

If you notice that any application you don't need to use right now is consuming a high amount of memory, use the "stop" option to optimize the performance of your device. If you stop a background process that is running, just know that it will be stopped, so you will have to restart it.

android nougat tips tricks 2
Some apps don't need to be interrupted / AndroidPIT

How to navigate between settings quickly

This tip may seem small, but a hand on the wheel as you navigate between settings and want to move from one service to another quickly. Android Nougat brings hidden on the left side a menu with quick access. This feature optimizes handset use with one hand and decreases clicks, which is always welcome!

android nougat tips tricks 5
If you don't use the side menu, switch to / AndroidPIT

How to enable and use the multi window feature

Finally Android natively offers the multi window feature. With it, you can use up to two apps open at the same time, just click the multitasking button or access newly opened apps and hold and drag an app to the device status bar.

Doing so activates the split screen and can choose a second application to use on the bottom screen. In the example below, while watching the video about the new Pixel and Pixel XL, I can access the handset review on AndroidPIT or quickly send an email. In addition, by clicking the split screen button on the navigation bar, you quickly merge services. So when sending the email, double click on the multi windows button and go back to the review.

android nougat tips tricks 4
For smartphones with a screen above 5 inches, the gorgeous split screen feature / AndroidPIT

How to use Smart Lock and optimize your device experience

Smart Lock is the kind of function that can transform our smartphone experience at home, at work, in the car, and with our devices, such as my Moto 360. When this service is enabled and configured, when you get home or at work, you no longer need to use screen lock, for example.

This is an exclusive Android feature and to use it you need to have set up a secure screen lock. After that, go to Settings> Security> Smart Lock. Here, you have up to five options, I mean, especially the Trusted places and the Trusted devices.

android nougat tips tricks 3
Smart Lock optimizes your mobile experience / AndroidPIT

How to enable Easter Egg from Android Nougat

You can no longer play Flopsy Droid as you did before in the Lollipop and Marshmallow versions. However, you can attract and capture kittens, almost as if we had a tribute to Pokmon GO here. To enable Easter Egg from Android Nougat you need to go to the settings menu, click on the "over device" option and then click on the "Android version" number several times.

nougat easter egg
Activate Easter Egg first … / AndroidPIT

On the classic Easter Egg screen, however, the classic gift will not appear. You should then click on the "N" several times until a kitten's face appears. Once that is done, access the shortcut to the settings, request to edit them, and then drag the kitten icon to add it as a shortcut block.

Then you will see (even if the device is set to the Portuguese language) a block called "Empty dish", click on it. Here you can choose from four lures to attract your kitten, choose one of them and wait until you receive a notification saying you can collect a new kitten. And that was it! To check how many cats you have, just press the block with the bait from the quick shortcuts.

nougat easter egg 1
… then capture kittens by a, almost like Pokmons / AndroidPIT

What other Android Nougat tip would you put on this list?

This article was written in conjunction with Bruno Salutes and Eric Herrmann.

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