Does your mobile phone have a one-handed use function?

Does your mobile phone have a one-handed use function?

With ever larger screen smartphones, a very smart feature the use of the handset with one hand. However, the Android operating system does not bring such a function among its native features. Companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi, for example, include this feature in their large screen devices. Below you will find how to use such functions on your smartphone.

Before continuing, however, I want to say that this article was made for the purpose of using user participation, that is, yours. So if your smartphone is not included in this list, by commenting on how to enable this feature on your mobile phone, I will add it to the article.

How to have one-handed phone function on Galaxy S7 Edge

With the Galaxy S7 Edge, for example, Samsung made the feature of using a standard and quick hand feature available to the system. To do so, simply click the start button three times in a row and the screen will reduce the display size.

To suit your device, if the function is not available, go to Settings> Advanced Features> One-handed Operation.

I only use one hand
Accessing the settings you can choose between the two functions of use with one hand of the Galaxy S7 / AndroidPIT series.

How to have one-handed mobile phone function on Xiaomi Redmi 3S

Most Xiaomi devices also have a super fast shortcut using the one-handed handset. I was able to test on the Redmi 3S and by sliding my finger over the physical navigation buttons, the start button, the multitasking button or the back button, I could get a reduced screen, which can be quickly set to 4.0 or 3. .5 inches. To return to the original size, just do the reverse path.

i use xiaomi one hand
Using the Xiaomi Redmi 3S you can access the one-handed phone feature from the Navigation buttons / AndroidPIT

As I said above, this feature is not native to Android, so Nexus and Pixel devices do not have this feature. As a result, devices that run on the virtually pure version of Google's operating system, such as some smartphones in the Moto line, also do not have such a function.

This feature can be enabled, however, from Xposed, but to do so, you would need root access to your Android smartphone. Below I explain how to enable this feature on Galaxy S7 Edge and Redmi 3S, if you know how to do this on your mobile phone, share your experience in the comments on this article:

And how do you enable this function on your smartphone and what is the quick shortcut that gives you reduced screen access?

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