Does WhatsApp really free?

After claiming that the world's most popular messaging service became free, WhatsApp was sending messages stating a new service end date. However, late last night (19/01), a new message informed about the free and lifetime use of the WhatsApp app. Check out details below.

A few years ago I bought a three year plan and today I received the message below stating that the service's expiration date has changed to June 22, 2016. Other users are reporting on Twitter that they first received a message about lifetime service and minutes later reported a new expiration date.

whatsapp expires
WhatsApp now adjusts user / ANDROIDPIT signature

After a few hours, however, users began to receive notifications that the service would then be lifelong:

Unfortunately, we did not have an official statement from the service about the meaning of this message, but most likely it should be related to the fact that the service is free. Once we have more information, this article will be updated.

What about, did you get this notification too? Let us know in the comments below.

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