Does the phone battery run out too fast? 8 problems and their solutions

Take a shortcut:

  1. Battery hungry apps
  2. Replace your old battery with a new one
  3. Your charger doesn't work
  4. 'Android system' using a lot of battery
  5. Google Play Services draining battery
  6. Turn off auto brightness
  7. Decrease screen timeout
  8. Beware of widgets and background apps

First of all, we need to learn about our battery behavior to find the problem and then find a solution. For a better understanding of what makes your battery drop, go to Settings> Battery.

battery drain 1
Study what is draining battery by system / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

If you find apps on this screen that are using a lot of battery, consider if you really need them. You can save battery life by removing apps you don't depend on. This AVG report on applications that drain the most battery indicates some that you may have running on your phone.

If you would like to go into more detail about your smartphone's battery usage, you will find a number of apps in the Play Store that provide detailed statistics and information on battery consumption. We recommend the GSam Battery Monitor.

GSam Battery Monitor
Install on Google Play

Once the app is installed, it takes a few days to collect data on your smartphone and battery usage, but then it will give you a great overview of what amount of battery your device is using.

If your smartphone is a couple of years old or more, the sad truth is that your battery may simply be dying to a natural death. If you don't have many background processes running and are keeping your screen brightness down, it's worth reading our review of your smartphone and comparing our battery experience with yours.

If your result is considerably lower, it may be time for a change. Manufacturers often say that a battery should work well for up to 1000 charges, but it depends on many factors.

AndroidPIT Smartphone Overheating 2604
Old batteries last less and can be dangerous / AndroidPIT

If you have a smartphone with a removable battery, just buy a new one (a big advantage when choosing a smartphone with a removable battery). Unfortunately, the removable battery is fast becoming obsolete among manufacturers for a variety of reasons.

If your phone has a non-removable battery, type "remove the battery from (your device model)" in the AndroidPIT search bar or on Google and we may have a guide showing how to remove it. Please note, however, that this will void your smartphone warranty.

If after a whole night of recharging you realize that your smartphone's battery drains super fast, then it's worth checking in the first hour of the morning if it's really 100% charged. Otherwise, you are looking for a faulty charger. ''

androidpit USB 1
The cable may also be defective / ANDROIDPIT

Check if your cable works with another phone or, conversely, if your phone works with another cable. If your charger proves to be defective, remember to buy only chargers from reliable manufacturers, otherwise you risk becoming the subject of these very frequent news stories about phones that set homes and people on fire. No, we're not kidding. Read about the dangers of fake phone chargers.

One of the biggest battery consumers in your phone is the 'Android System' service. This keeps your entire device running smoothly, so naturally it uses a lot of battery power, but it shouldn't be more than 25%. If you are using more than that, then you may have a problem.

androidpit Kitkat vs Marshmallow
Maybe a downgrade helps / ANDROIDPIT

This issue can be resolved by downgrading your Android device to an older version of Android. We have many downgrade guides on AndroidPIT, so just search for "downgrade (your device model)" on AndroidPIT or even on Google.

If this fails, you may need to restore your device. As drastic as this may sound, it can be a simpler solution than downgrading your device, because to do so, you need to flash it, which can lead to complications.

Google Play Services is another battery-intensive service. Unfortunately, you can't stop it because it's an important feature of Android, allowing your apps to communicate with each other on your phone. Still, you can put it under control.

battery drain 2
Stop by once per ms / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Go to Settings> Apps> All> Google Play Services> Storage. Here, tap the Clear Cache button. This should update Google Play Service and it should stop draining the battery. Repeat this process once a month.

Don't play innocent. The law states that you should never use automatic brightness, but you are abusing it when no one is looking. Although auto brightness is generally sophisticated enough to produce a comfortable viewing setting for each individual, it is not able to select the optimal setting. How could it? Smartphone sensors don't know how strong your vision is, and your aunt, don't you?

battery drain 3
Two places to do the same thing / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Setting the brightness level yourself will always give you better battery life as long as you set it to a comparatively low value. Fortunately, the Android platform makes it very easy to adjust the brightness settings and can be easily adjusted from the quick two-finger swipe down menu.

It is a well known fact that screen one of the largest sources of battery drain on an Android smartphone therefore managing it is crucial for its longevity. The "idle mode" setting determines how long your screen stays awake after you stop touching it.

battery drain 4
Let's go from 2 minutes to 30 seconds? / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

If your screen stays on while you are not looking, you are wasting a precious battery. It is best to set this time to a lower one, which you are comfortable with regular use, and only change it when you need it.

Don't worry about apps that require the display to be permanently on, such as games or e-book readers, they know how to stay awake, regardless of what you set up on the system.

Widgets are crazy drum eaters, relentlessly updating in the background as you move the device. You may have the impression that a simple news and weather app won't do much harm, but you might be wrong and once you start adding more and more, bring your battery to 0%.

battery drain 5
Don't be crazy about widgets / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Consider how often you want your background widgets and apps updated. You could set your weather app to update every hour, but the more often it updates, the more power it requires. If you check your weather twice a day, try adjusting the refresh interval every 12 hours.

Many applications will ask you to set the update frequency when you first put them on their home page, although you can go back to your settings at any time to change them. Just be aware that some apps don't offer this, and they can be real drum killers to keep an eye on.

What Android battery issue are you always aware of? Let us know in the comments below.

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