Promotion: 256GB glossy black iPhone 7 for R $ 3,199!

Does the jet black iPhone scratch so easily, really?

That is the question that does not want to remain silent. Without a doubt, looking at the disclosure images of Apple, the shiny black iPhone (jet black) pretty. In real life, however, we know that it accumulates fingerprints on its housing with incredible ease. More than that, for the first time we saw Apple warn consumers about possible scratches that may arise.

The high-gloss finish of the glossy black iPhone 7 is achieved through a specialized nine-step anodizing and polishing process. Its surface is as hard as that of other Apple anodized products; however, its brightness may show fine micro-phrases with use. If you care about this, we suggest using one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone.

That scratches, scratches; otherwise, Apple wouldn’t bother to warn users about it. Now, is scratching too easy? The video below takes any doubts you may have:

My friends, I don't know about you, but I've never seen an iPhone being scratched by a knit shirt! 😱 I won't even talk about coins, keys, among other things, remembering that the black iPhone matte (matte) survived with praise of a beautiful swab of keys on his carcass.

If you are neurotic with risks in the device like me, don't even think about getting one of these. Buy a black matte and be happy! "Ah, but I will buy it and as soon as I take it out of the box I will put it in a case." Let me repeat here: the iPhone scratched on a T-shirt! Imagine placing it inside a case! And let's face it, what's the fun of buying such a cute color and hiding it inside a case? 😒

Now, if you don't worry about scratches or the like and love the new color, go for it!

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Now let's talk about a good thing. We already showed in this post how the screen glass of iPhones 7/7 Plus resistant. There were 12 combined falls, from two different heights (the largest of them above 2 meters) and nothing to crack the screen.

For the above test leaves no doubt: even after nine falls (the last three, at 3 meters high), the iPhone 7 screen was intact. Of course, the phone itself suffered from the impacts, but it is amazing to see how well the screen held up.