Does Magic Mouse have minus buttons, for you? How about testing OOMouse?

How many boats does Apple's little wonder of multi-touch technology have? One. Two, if you have the lever that (dis) connects the rodent. The Magic Mouse's solitary button, however, is super smart and can do real miracles, such as allowing primary and secondary clicks, 360 scrolling, page scrolling and even other cositas ms, via MultiClutch. But let's agree that playing World of Warcraft with him should be the end of the bite, or the beginning of your pwnage. If only there were in the world a mouse with 18 programmable buttons


Bad news for those who already had the credit card in hand (anyone?). OOMouse, it seems, is a very real prototype that will be launched eventually. However, the creator of this “unusual” mouse was never given authorization to place the brand on it: the relationship between one thing and the other is only due to the fact that the presentation of OOMouse took place at OOoCon 2009, which took place in Italy (just to check the reaction of the community). So, despite not intending to change its name, this ugly little duckling can no longer be associated with open productivity for her good.

(via Engadget)

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