Does iPhone SE 2020 work with parts of an iPhone 8? Both are more alike than you think

Does iPhone SE 2020 work with parts of an iPhone 8? Both are more alike than you think

As soon as a new smartphone, or any other electronic equipment, is launched, the traditional disassembly is followed to discover what mysteries hide its interior. The newly presented iPhone SE 2020 is the latest device to go through the autopsy table, this time through the Chinese YouTube channel AA Tech.

It is true that the second generation of iPhone SE takes a lot of inspiration from the iPhone 8, but with a hardware update. But apart from some elements borrowed from Apple's current high-end models, such as the A13 processor, what differences are there between the new iPhone SE and the iPhone 8? What happens if your components are exchanged with each other? The AA Tech channel team decided to work together and find answers to all questions.

On the outside, the only difference between smartphones is in the position of the Apple logo, which in the case of the latest model is centered. To get inside the equipment, the process turns out to be similar in both cases.

When opening the new iPhone SE 2020, it is possible to verify that the configuration of the components in the interior is very similar to the model launched in 2017. To test them, the AA Tech expert decided to change the screens, the motherboards and even the batteries. Surprisingly, smartphones continue to work, although some features, such as the rear cameras, end up not operating at 100%.

Recently, the popular benchmark tool AnTuTu decided to reveal its opinion regarding the performance of the iPhone SE 2020 to quench the curiosity of users who were waiting to see how the new smartphone compares with other Apple models.

The iPhone SE 2020 managed to reach a score of 492,166 in the AnTuTu ranking. In terms of performance, the new equipment surpasses the score of 443,337 of the iPhone XS Max, a smartphone launched in 2018 and which costs almost twice the price of the iPhone SE 2020. However, the second generation of the iPhone SE cannot beat the more recent top-of-the-range models from the ma company.