Does Google Play Store not work? See what can help

Take a shortcut

1. Set Android date and time

In order to use the Play Store, Google checks your device's date and time. This information should always be correct, so as not to cause inconvenience with the application. Pay particular attention to the entry and exit of summer time.

To fix the date and time of your device go to Settings> Date & Time> Set Date> Set Time. Or automate this option on your mobile phone.

date and time play store

2. Make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi network.

When setting up a new device or reconnecting your Play Store account after a factory reset, make sure you do so with a stable Wi-Fi network, not your data plan. The process takes a few minutes, and if you are on an unstable connection, error messages may appear such as "Unable to establish a reliable connection with the server.

It may be a temporary problem or maybe your Android device is not data service enabled. "If even with a stable network the problem persists, please do the following tutorial from our forum:

3. Clear the cache

In most cases, the issue already clears the app store cache. It is a temporary deposit of files. To clear it, you need to open Android settings and go to the Apps topic.

Then select All and browse the Google Play Store. Click on it and press the clear cache button. When you open Play Store again, it should work again.

play store cache tips

4. Clear the data

If the first tip didn't work, try deleting the data from the Play Store. This practically means resetting the application. The option found in Settings> Apps> All> Play Store> Clear Data.

5. Eliminate any Proxy or VPN

Although many users are unaware that as connected via a proxy or VPN on Android one can access various online services and websites, this type of feature often changes the settings of the Play Store causing it to stop working.

To disable a proxy or VPN, see Settings> Wi-Fi (or Wireless and Network Connections) > Change your current connection and remove any type of proxy. Disconnect from any VPN through native configuration or via third party application.

6. Remove and reinsert Google Account

Go to Settings> Accounts, click Google, and choose your Google account. If you have more than one, choose the one that is connected to the Play Store. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the action bar and select Remove Account. Confirm your choice and restart your smartphone. Reinsert your Google account in the same way.

7. Uninstall Play Store Updates

This can also help. Sometimes an update conflicts with the current version of the app. To uninstall it, follow the steps above, and instead of clicking clear data, click Uninstall updates.

desin updates google play

8. Clear Google Play Services Cache

If your Play Store after these steps is still not working, clearing the Google Play Services cache may be the solution. For this, go to Settings> Apps> All> Google Play Services> Clear Cache.

play services update tips

9. Enable Download Manager

If you have disabled the download manager, the Play Store will no longer work either. To enable it again, go to Settings> Applications> All> Downloads. Click Activate then. If only the Disable option appears, it is obviously already enabled and you do not need to do anything in this topic.

10. Reset the smartphone

If none of this has worked, restoring the original configuration may be the only way out. With it, all your data will be lost, so you should back it up first.

backup restore google play tips

To reset your phone, go to Settings> Back up and reset> Original setting> Reset phone. Your smartphone be restarted and reset. After the process, use the backup:

11. Delete Host Files (rooted device)

If you have Root enabled on your device, use a root file manager (such as ES File Explorer or Root explorer) then go to the / root / system / etc folder and delete the hosts.txt file.

12. Install GApps After Installing CyanogenMod

As many already know, CyanogenMod (CM) is an open source operating system based on the Android platform, which aims to improve the performance of some devices and customize the ROMs distributed by the manufacturers.

Many install this custom ROM to take advantage of the latest OS upgrade. However, Google or GApps apps do not come pre-installed with CyanogenMod, thus generating errors in the Play Store and Google Play Services; so I need to download them separately.

Independent developers of CyanogenMod have made packages available with GApps, which makes downloading more convenient. Just look for what matches your version of CyanogenMod. Although the exact step-by-step varies, the overall installation mode is the same as CyanogenMod's.

  • Copy the file to / sdcard /
    • Using adb: adb push / sdcard /
  • Access your smartphone's recovery mode
  • Choose "Install zip" or "Apply ub = pdate" and browse the file.
  • Reboot the recovery menu back to Android.

We hope this new tip has helped make your Play Store work again. Do you know another tip not mentioned here?

The purpose of this article is to gather in one place all the tips on what to do when the Play Store doesn't work. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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