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Does Galaxy S line have "FaceTime" function on iOS?

This holiday, a friend called me from afar and made the joke "Too bad you don't have an iPhone, would we?" FaceTime ". Without going too far into the myth that Android user knows at least three options for video calls better than FaceTime, realized almost unintentionally that the Galaxy S5 had the option on the handset dialer. Then I found that the entire Galaxy S line also featured the feature. But to my frustration, the function doesn't work properly. By all accounts, one of the big ones responsible for this may be your mobile phone carrier.

galaxy s 2345 3
The video call is available on the Galaxy S dialer, but it doesn't work! / AndroidPIT

Of course there are different options for making video calls using an Android device, including Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Line or Facebook Messenger (in combination with Skype). The question here is why does a Samsung native service not work between similar Samsung devices like the Galaxy S even when connected to the internet?

Apparently, the problem is linked to the user's data plan, as the operator may or may not offer video call coverage. In most cases, only voice is covered for calls from the handset dialer, but a feature like Apple can use the user's wifi connection to complete the video call, already on the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 , Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 did not work, even if there is wireless connection.

Galaxy S3 Galaxy S2 Dialer
The direct dialer video call option is also present on the Galaxy S3 (left) and Galaxy S2 (right)! / AndroidPIT

So the only conclusion I can come to is that Samsung offers a service that doesn't work properly and at the same time users have a limitation coming from their own mobile operators and, as you can see from the picture below, this is not. This occurs only with Brazilian operators, since in Germany it was also not possible to complete this type of connection.

Galaxy S5 Galaxy S4 Dialer
Video calls on Galaxy S5 (left); video calls on the Galaxy S4 (right)! / AndroidPIT
Samsung Video Call
The handset tries to make the call and seconds later the user receives a connection trouble message! / AndroidPIT

According to Teleco, in 2009, for a user to be able to make video call, it is necessary that the mobile phones are compatible with 3G technology and have the necessary specifications for the service. In the case of the Galaxy S line, both handsets have 3G antenna and are compatible with the video link function. Thus, the conclusion I may have is that either the service appears as available and, unfortunately, it is not or the operators limit such a function, as it can follow in the Brasil Droid forum.

I contacted the main operators in the country and still await a statement about the coverage of video call services in Brazil. This way this article will still be updated.

Updated at 16:12 (Brasilia time) – In statement to TIM says:

TIM clarifies that there is no restriction on video call service for customers using Galaxy S line devices. The user must be in a coverage area with 3G or 4G technologies, besides having contracted a data package or being connected to It is a Wi-Fi network to be able to use the service.

Updated April 30, 2014 10:10 am (GMT) – In a statement Hi states that:

Oi's network offers full support for video calls made by mobile terminals using specific applications for this purpose (such as Skype, Viber and Facetime) on the 3G, 4G mobile data network as well as WiFi. Video call connections using the network Mobile switched devices are not supported.

And, have you had success using the video call option of a Galaxy S line phone? What were the settings of your device and your mobile phone carrier?

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