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Does Face ID have a problem? Maybe everything will be solved by changing the rear camera of the iPhone X

Apple has decided to change the way it makes repairs to iPhone X at least when we are talking about a problem related to Face ID (new method of authenticating the device by face recognition).

TrueDepth system with all front notch components of iPhone X

So when Face ID crashed or just crashed, Apple would swap the iPhone's front camera to see if it would work. Otherwise, I changed the whole device. Now, according to an internal document distributed to Ma stores and Apple Authorized Service Centers obtained by 9to5Mac, the company is also changing the rear camera to see if the problem is corrected.

Weird? Yes, but this is easily explained. Soon after the release of the iPhone X, the user Razerx1 (from Reddit) explained that some features (both the front and back camera of his device) have stopped working. Just the panoramas photos, the videos Slow mo and time-lapse They were working. Apple eventually replaced his entire device, but a Genius explained that TrueDepth cameras (front) and telephoto (rear) are somehow connected.

Because of this, Apple now recommends that its employees also try to repair the camera's rear camera when an iPhone X has a problematic Face ID. If problems continue, the replacement of the whole device should be done.

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