Does closing apps in the background help save iPhone battery?

Does closing apps in the background help save iPhone battery?

After all, does closing apps running in the background on iOS interfere or not with iPhone battery performance? This is a debt that, it turns and moves, comes back.

There in the long year of 2010, Steve Jobs himself came to answer a question sent by a user on the subject. At the time, the former Apple CEO said: “People shouldn't understand multitasking. Just use it as designed and you will be happy. I never have to close applications. ”

The scenario, however, was completely different. At the time, we were discussing the multitasking of iOS 4. As six years have passed and we are now on iOS 9, it may be a good time to ask that question again. And that is what an iPhone user did. Caleb decided to ask Tim Cook two questions: 1. if he closes the applications that are open in the background and; 2. whether this in any way interferes with battery performance.

Multitasking on iOS 9

Although the CEO of Ma did not respond, Craig Federighi (chief of software for Apple) contacted to clarify the matter once and for all. The answer? As simple as possible: "No and no." 🙂

Federighi did not explain, but what happens is relatively simple. Technically speaking, most apps that are open there, in the background, are not working the way they would be if they were in the foreground. In fact, they're kind of "frozen" in RAM (random access memory, or random access memory), ready to be “called back” and active again when triggered by the user. But, in the meantime, the impact of this freeze on RAM is negligible in terms of energy efficiency (at least according to Apple).

Yes, it is true that there are apps that significantly impact battery life, such as Waze (which makes heavy use of GPS), the Music app (while you are listening to music in the background, the battery is consumed faster ), among others. But using these examples, if you are not using Waze (with a plotted path, in the middle of a route) or playing music in the background, apps may be open that will not consume more energy for that reason.

If your iPhone's battery isn't running, relax. It is the fault of Apple itself, which insists on making the device thinner and thinner and it is even necessary to decrease battery capacity, as happened with the iPhone 6 to the 6s. 😢

(via 9to5Mac)