‚ÄėDocuments To Go‚Äô for iPhone promised for May

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Docs To Go for iPhone

There is a long wait for those who wait impatiently for the arrival of an iPhone version of the application Documents To Go, famous on several smartphones and PDAs. It allows the creation and editing of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point documents right on the cell phone.

Whoever signed up on the DataViz news page, today received an email announcing that the iPhone application will win the pages of App Store in the first half of May. The date was not very precise, but it gives the impression that it could be in the first week, in a month or so.

Many believe that the entry of the utility into the iPhone world is what is missing to make the Apple phone enter the business world once and for all.

Docs To Go

The app has been promised since October of last year, but finally they set a release date. According to them, the wait will be worthwhile, as there are some good surprises to come.

Docs To GoDocs To Go

Through the images, you can see a copy / paste icon. But how could this be possible before the release of iPhoneOS 3.0?