Apple products 2018 eec

Documents point to new iPads to be launched, probably at an impending special event

According to the French website Consomac, Apple registered several new devices on Eurasian Economic Commission (Eurasian Economic Commission, or EEC). When this happens, it means that we will see new products being launched by the company, since it is always necessary to register the devices before they are launched.

If we look at what happened at previous events, it may not only be that the company will announce new products, but it will present us with a special event, probably in March, as it has happened several times.

If that does happen, what will we see being featured in the keynote? In the documents, the description is of “Apple tablets running iOS 11”, being identified as the models A1954 and A1893 – that is, we will probably see new iPads coming around!

Apple products 2018 eec

It’s been a while since new iPads have been rumored, with a design similar to the iPhone X, almost borderless, authentication via Face ID and more. However, rumors claim that these more robust iPads would arrive in the “second half of 2018”.

Furthermore, a rumor fanned by (doubtful?) DigiTimes suggested that new, cheaper iPads, around $ 260, would arrive in the second half of this year. Perhaps the vehicle is not so wrong, and we may see only an “update” of the iPads launched in March 2017.


via 9to5Mac