Documents leaked by Sony Pictures reveal that Apple has been testing 4K content since 2013

Documents leaked by Sony Pictures reveal that Apple has been testing 4K content since 2013

The leakage of Sony Pictures it's still giving you something to talk about. A 2013 document (PDF), signed by Eddy Cue (senior vice president of software and internet services for Apple) and Jim Underwood (former Sony executive), proves that Apple was already interested in content with the resolution 4K two years ago and requested materials in order to carry out various tests (be it digital distribution / services on demand).

4K Resolution

Even nothing much, after all Apple has a huge collection of films which are digitally distributed by the iTunes Store, which, so far, are only available with full resolution Full HD (1080p). In addition, rumors of the account that we will soon see a new service of streaming of Apple videos being launched alongside a new Apple TV. It makes perfect sense, then, that the company is exploring 4K content for these two business models.

The curious thing that has already been said is that, also, that this supposed new Apple TV * will not * support 4K content. Now, if this information is really true, the new streaming or even the current movies available on the iTunes Store are also offered in the resolution of 38402160 pixels, after all, they could only be seen that way on the iMac with Retina 5K screen.

iMac with Retina 5K screen

Price view: from R $ 12,869.10Installed price: in up to 24 times of R $ 679.08 (with interest)Models: 27 inchesCurrent generation: mid 2015

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It is true that few houses already have a 4K TV and that the infrastructure necessary for both storing and distributing (either via download or streaming) content with this resolution four times higher than Full HD is not easy / simple. On the other hand, there are already companies carrying out tests with 8K content (76804320 pixels), such as the Japanese television network NHK and Google itself, which conducts experiments with 8K videos on YouTube.

Resolution 8K

Taking into account that Apple is already carrying out tests with 4K content since 2013, it is rooted for it to start working with this type of content in 2015.

(via AppleInsider)