Documents indicate that Apple would be creating a car

We talked a lot here about the rumor involving a Apple car, but according to the The Guardian, this was the first time that we had a documented “confirmation” of everything.

Although the various contracts in the automotive sector did not indicate a grandiose project by Ma, the English newspaper reported that it had access to documents which show that Apple is looking for safe places in Bay Area (San Francisco Bay Area, California) in order to carry out the tests with your car.

Engineers who are part of the Titan Project are said to have met with those responsible for the GoMentum Station (image gallery above), a former 2,100-acre naval base near San Francisco that is being transformed into a high-security testing ground for autonomous vehicles. That's right, autonomous vehicles. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Apple car is one of those self-guided tours that Google has been testing for a long time, but that’s all an indication.

In one of those documents obtained by the newspaper, Frank Fearon (Apple engineer) wrote:

We would like to get an understanding of time and availability to (use) the space and as we will need to coordinate everything with other parties that can use (the location).


GoMentum Station is located in the former Concord Naval Weapon Station, a World War II era academy that is no longer used for these purposes and has 32 km of paved roads and city streets. The base is closed to the public and guarded by the military. Conclusion: the largest safe testing facility in the world, so much so that Mercedes-Benz and Honda have already carried out experiments with self-driving cars on site.

Corroborating the matter further, Randy Iwasaki (director of GoMentum Station) said that Apple is interested in using government facilities and that it could not talk more about the matter because of the confidentiality agreements it signed with the company.

The signs are: contracting in the automotive sector and a process by A123 System (a company specialized in batteries that supplies the automobile market) for “stealing” several employees from it, Tim Cook meeting with important automakers executives everything is even pointing to a “Apple Car”, it remains to be seen what to actually come up with.

Does anyone bet on anything other than the basic that is already being spoken by a (electric and / or self-guided)?

(via 9to5Mac)