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Documents gain instant file sharing; djay, Vectornator, Yoink, Slack, ESPN and TestFlight are updated

How about a new round of interesting updates from important App Store apps? Let's go to today's news!

Readdle Documents

Readdle Documents app icon

Now, in version 6.9.1 of the app, you can instantly share any file or folder with a nearby iPhone or iPad. The only prerequisite is that Documents is installed and active on both devices.

It is also possible to download files from the web while using some other app. To top it off, Documents is now compatible with the Vietnamese language.


Djay app icon - DJ App & Mixer

Djay 3.1 has a lot of new features, including new djay packages. loops, package samples and visuals, a new PRO mode with two decks on iPhone, option to customize sampler (including rearranging, recording, and importing your own samples), full-screen media library in Classic and mode with four decks on the iPad, Beat jump and start / end points in Automix to control the transitions.

In addition, it now supports Siri Shortcuts (to start Automix via voice commands), has separate sliders to control the sampler and looper independently supports 0 bar transition duration for Numark Party Mix Pro MIDI controller plus VoiceOver for Looper and to read music titles when using the MIDI controller to search for music, among other things.


Vectornator X app icon - Vector Art

Version 2.4 of the app (recently released) has added some good news, including the option to round corners and SonarPen support.


Yoink app icon - Drag and Drop

Yoink users can now change the position of the app on the screen much easier just by dragging the app window itself. In addition, the Continuity Camera feature is now supported and lets you save photos / documents from your iPhone or iPad directly to Yoink.

You can now also right-click a file to “Save As” and not only move / copy the file but also rename it, use the keyboard to navigate, keep a file on Yoink while dragging it out. (holding down the Fn key while dragging), temporarily disable Yoink while dragging (hold down the Fn key while dragging) and quickly add the clipboard content to Yoink (press the default keyboard shortcut F5 twice) ).


Slack app icon

The most used communicator within companies has gained a long-awaited news from Brazilians: support for our language! To do this, I need to go into the app settings and change the language unfortunately, in our tests, it still didn't work. Will understand 🤷🏻‍♂️


ESPN app icon: Live video and games

Now you can follow all your favorite players (Neymar, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron, Curry, Brady and many others). The app also features custom scores, videos and news on Home and in the "Results".

The lists of players and statistics have been redesigned and allow you to see all information in detail directly from the app. Also, of course, the famous bug fixes and optimizations.


TestFlight app icon

Apple's test platform app has gained improvements in translations into other languages, iOS search compatibility, text and navigation alignment improvements, and some bug fixes.