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Document Scanning Applications: Which are the best?

In today's world, the task of scanning documents has become quite common. But we don't always have a scanner device available when we need it. This is when mobile applications for scanning documents become useful.

Photos taken with your phone do not offer the same quality and features that can be achieved with these tools. For this reason, it is worth downloading some scanning app and giving more quality to the captured image, especially in documents related to work or which should be shared with others via email or saved to cloud services.

If you are unsure which tool to use, we have prepared a list of the main applications used to scan documents, their functionality and how to use them.


Document Scanning Applications: Which are the best?

This application available on both iOS and Android versions for free. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can use it after a short registration. To get started just select an image from your gallery or take a photo of the document you want to scan. Soon after, it will be possible to adjust the dimensions of the document.

It makes it possible to make adjustments to light, brightness, contrast and shades, as well as to save the original document and automatic adjustments. The document can be shared in PDF and JPG formats.

Genius Scan

Document Scanning Applications: Which are the best?

Like CamScanner, the user can select an image from the gallery or use the app itself to capture the image of the desired document. It is only necessary to adjust the dimensions of the area to be scanned. Once selected, the app already makes automatic adjustments by highlighting the letters and illuminating the white.

But you can configure the tool to recognize color documents. The scanned image can be shared in many ways, including email in PDF format. In addition to being free, this application can be downloaded on Android and iOS versions.


Document Scanning Applications: Which are the best?

TinyScan is able to scan quality documents from the gallery and from your mobile phone. As well, a photo of the document can be taken using the application itself, as well as the others already mentioned. Generally, the application already recognizes the edges of the document, but adjustments can be made to improve the framing of the document to be scanned.

In addition, it also allows you to improve image quality by making lighting, brightness and hue adjustments. When they are perfect, the document can be saved in a PDF file in A4, A3, A5, letter paper and others. Generated files can be saved to the phone itself or shared. The free app is available for Android and iOS.


Document Scanning Applications: Which are the best?

Maybe not everyone knows this Evernote functionality, but it can also be used to scan documents. This well-known annotation application has this possibility as it allows the storage of multimedia. To use the function, simply click on the “+” sign and select the camera icon. With flash on, take a picture of the desired document.

Although the file quality is good, the cut and select settings are automatic and cannot be changed manually. As well, you cannot make changes to the scanned image.


Document Scanning Applications: Which are the best?

The application can use a gallery registration or you can register the document within the application. The framing is done at the time of registration, but can be adjusted later to look like a scanned document. The tool also allows brightness and hue adjustments.

When completed, the document is saved in a gallery belonging to the application itself. It also makes it possible to change the scanned document using tools such as pen, eraser and other editing features. available for free for iOS and Android versions.


Document Scanning Applications: Which are the best?

One of the biggest advantages of this free document scanning application is that it allows multiple pages to be scanned in sequence. It is therefore a great option when the goal is to scan long documents. To register the document, the app allows the use of camera flash enabling the capture of clearer and sharper images.

In addition, it allows document editing such as rotation, cropping, and brightness, hue and color adjustments. When ready, scanned images can be sent to any of the various cloud services or by email. It is available in Android and iOS versions.

Office lens

Document Scanning Applications: Which are the best?

This app was developed by Microsoft for its mobile devices, but later made available for free for iOS and Android systems. With simple and intuitive interface, after the image capture, the app allows you to improve the angle of the image so you don't get crooked.

It also offers the possibility of saving the document in various formats such as PDF, Word and PowerPoint. Sharing is done for cloud services like OneDrive or OneNote and email.