DoBox promises to be the most complete dock for iOS devices you’ve ever seen

THE DoBox is a project that is on Kickstarter and has a bold proposal to revolutionize the way we exchange information with our various devices and Apple software. In fact it serves not only to exchange information, but also to charge the devices in addition to other very interesting features.


Remembering a Mac mini, the accessory describes itself only as a wireless dock for Apple devices. But it has many more features than the existing docks today – containing an Ethernet port for wired network connections. It also has internal storage, microSD card reader, possibility to share files completely wireless, in addition to having AirPlay support.

Check the device ports:


One of the main unusual features of the DoBox is the two USB ports that serve to plug you in a mouse, a trackpad, a wired keyboard and even a printer to use with your iPad / iPhone / Mac. Also serving for file transfer (just connect an external HDD, a USB stick or something), it adds more utilities for productivity on iOS. Those responsible for the project also said that they are implementing an API that will serve for developers to use the mouse within their applications natively. ?

Details are scarce at the moment, but apparently the mouse and keyboard will work in a way that the signals from the USB ports will be transformed into Bluetooth signals and intercepted by the DoBox software, making them work on iOS to the satisfaction.

The creators of DoBox also say that they will transform the software used in open source so that other developers can make use of the technology – it is very likely that the mouse and any other devices will only work in applications developed to make use of DoBox. Therefore, it is not yet time to wait to plug in a mouse and use it normally on Pages on iOS. So, at least initially, USBs will serve even more for you to charge your devices and use with external drives.

Another highlight is the induction charging specially implemented for the Apple Watch. Just place the watch on top of the DoBox and it will start to recharge automatically – the guys still intend to earn Apple’s MFI certification for this functionality.

To top it off, there is also an HDMI output port for users to stream videos, games and presentations to any compatible projector or monitor.

Check out more details of the DoBox in the video below:

The project is in search of its goal with the collective financing of US $ 85 thousand – in a short time, it has already achieved more than 65% of the objective; for those interested in financing, simply access the Kickstarter and choose from the financing options starting at £ 109 (about R $ 560).

[via Mac Kung Fu]