Do you want to know what time it is at sunrise and sunset? The Daff Lua app helps

If you like to "hunt" the sunrise and sunset the Daff Lua app can be a good option.

The application lets you know the times of both phases of the day, but you can also have access to information about the Moon and other planets in real time.

Moon, Sun, planets, sphere, sky and orbiters are the various sections of the constantly updated app.

Here you can access various data, including altitude, traffic and distance.

In addition, Daff Lua also offers the specific time of sunrise and sunset, both today and the next.

This Friday, for example, and according to the application, the sun will rise at 6:50 am and set at 6:42 pm.

But you also have access to a file with the hours of the previous days.

For those more curious about the Moon, the app provides information, accompanied by illustrative images, of its different phases.

And, as with the Sun, the data can be consulted for today, or, if you prefer, you can look at information from previous or even future phases.

With this application it is also easier to follow eclipses, equidians and solstices, these last two with information until 2029.

When activating the notifications, it will certainly be difficult to miss these moments.

The free application is available for Android on the Google Play Store.