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Do you use ferries to cross Rio-Niterói? There’s an app for that!

With more than 1.2 million titles available on the App Store, developers have increasingly sought to create specific applications that bring untapped utilities. the case of Radar Barcas, developed by Bernardo Rodrigues.

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The Radar Barcas was made for people who depend on ferries daily. Have you ever wondered which ferries are at the station? Which ones are about to arrive? Whether it is worth it or not to wait for the next ship?

The very useful app for those who make the crossing Rio-Niteri with ferries, showing updated status of the queues at each station, departure and arrival times, offline maps, records of the last trips made by the vessels, among others.

The free and universal Barcas Radar, that is, it runs natively on both iPads and iPhones / iPods touch.