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Do you really need Windows?

Something that always happens, whether in courses, groups or even in some cases in colleges, Windows as the only means of use, but many users are on the Microsoft platform for not knowing alternatives, do not misjudge me, I do not think that the Windows a trash or anything, just that not everyone needs it.

I already foresee in the comments several users who do not understand that by indicating another solution, does not mean that Windows is bad, if you see this kind of comment simply ignore, your life will be happier (), caveats made, let's get down to business.

The use of operating systems for ordinary users, is practically summed up in web browsing, multimedia consumption and document creation, that when one uses some office suite, another interesting aspect, is not to depend on Microsoft applications.

It is common to see VLC Player installed to play videos, browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, for web browsing, among other third party applications in the daily life of a user Windows, and most of these tools are found on Linux or macOS.

This is an important point, most of the time we use applications and the OS itself underutilized, when exchanging a machine with Windows and for a distro Linux, Kubuntu style or Linux Mint, to see that for a person unfamiliar with technology, the system will be irrelevant, in the end what makes a shortcut different from your favorite browser. Take the test, very funny to see the reactions, show a distraction with KDE and claim to be the new Windows, after the numerous compliments (which surely the person will say), reveal the truth, I highly recommend this joke.

Not every user uses Photoshop!

Let's face it, how many people do you know who use Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, AutoCad, Corel Draw, Vegas, and any other professional-specific tools, but they are always in comparisons saying that Linux is not good because it currently doesn't have them. It is hilarious to say that because it does not have such applications, Linux is not for the average user. The only real barrier I see, the Microsoft office, but similar look alternatives exist, and this can be a facilitator when migrating to a new solution.

If you use any of these software, and are not willing to migrate to alternatives or perhaps impossible, maybe Linux is not the best solution for you, and there is nothing wrong with stating that, the problem is that to be a designer , editor, designer etc; Photoshop is mandatory, and solutions like Krita, Gimp are not for professional use, such an argument is so unfounded that professionals use free tools for their work, and not just in mere words, see with their own eyes a tremendous example, The Jedi do Gimp Elias de Carvalho Silveira.

A real gamer only uses Windows!

Do you like games? I love! But wait, I'm a Linux user, so I can't play. I usually play with my friends when they are playing a game on Linux, and I always say: But Linux has no games, and according to the same argument that Linux does not have Photoshop, so not for ordinary users, it occurs on the gamer side.

Games on the penguin system abound, Steam native only more than 3 thousand games and with the advent of Steam play, others 4100 of the 6,957 tested so far add the list and the number is the largest since anti-cheats are making it difficult for some games to work, though if in the past it was easy to cite various unavailable titles on Linux, the reality has become the opposite, and before some think: Browser games either run, tell me if Devil May Cry 5, Warframe, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, PES 2019, GTA 5 and Overwatch are browser games?

So Linux for all types of players? It depends, it may be that some specific game is not available, either by anti-cheat tantrum or some incompatibility, always good to check on ProtonDB website and see which games work, and if it doesn't work, then Linux won't be the best choice for you, but that doesn't disqualify an entire platform.

Thinking about the future, not just now

A good practice that can give you more freedom, give preference to multiplatform software, which does not depend on a single system, your programs will always be available. Earlier I mentioned that applications have greater weight in our experiences, thinking ahead, no major adjustments will be needed anymore and no matter the system, be it Windows, macOS or Linux.

Put in a balance, how much you really need Windows, practice this idea of ​​prioritizing programs available on both platforms, migrating applications, if in doubt, here's a list to start such a changeI guarantee that not being dependent on just one operating system is liberating.

Bad Windows and Perfect Linux

Windows is a buggy system and Linux is perfect in every way, unfortunately many think so, others find Windows to be perfect in system form and Linux somewhat useless, both are tremendously wrong.

In short, for common profile users who access Facebook or basically use the internet, they do not necessarily need Windows, as in other cases, as I discussed above, its use is not a rule, we use applications overwhelmingly most of the time, as in Just kidding Windows KDE, many users wouldn't even know the difference.

Having a system that provides security, robustness and hours saved with defragmentation or worries about virtual pests can be a great choice, and several people are giving Linux a try. Keep in mind that the smartest way to have your applications available regardless of the operating system, at your fingertips at any time.

Review if there is anything that holds you in any system, try to be free, allow yourself to discover new things, and learn from mistakes, open your mind and promote good things without offending anyone by imposing your point of view.

I hope it became clear that there are options, and that Windows is not always necessary, we were only conditioned during our lives in the computer world.

And you, have any application that prevents you from using another system? Whenever I see these comparisons, Photoshop quoted as a full mouth, the funny thing that in all these years working with computer maintenance, I installed 5 times this kind of software for a client, was a lot (), I'm not saying that nobody uses them It's just not the rule.

I hope you in the next post, be polite and complacent with the opinion of others, and do not forget to share the blog posts Diolinux, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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