Do you really know what chatbots are?

Do you really know what chatbots are?

Starting at 2 pm today, your timeline will be filled with information related to Google I / O 2016 announcements. One of these will definitely be the use of artificial intelligence in different formats. One is the investment in the so-called "bots" in conjunction with the messaging services. But do you really know what chatbots are and how they will be or are already integrated into your daily life?

The bots are robots, also designated as small assistants in certain services. Their job is to send special content straight from an app's message box, such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram. This makes the platform more functional and, in turn, assists the user in finding services, as well as developers and retailers to earn money, or media to disseminate content.

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Want to know about the weather? You can do it via messenger instead of third party apps / ANDROIDPIT

At this time, using Telegram as an example, if you want quick information about weather conditions, you can go to the button shop, choose one of them and start interacting with it. That's right, except in the middle of a conversation with your mother that they will come out of nowhere. You start a chat with the bot, so it's called "chatbots".

However, there are also inline bots where one can add a particular bot into a private conversation or group chat, and request some information. Some examples of interaction you can see in the comment of our community member, Blind.

Now imagine you have a restaurant and one of your employees just forgot to order ice. The restaurant is full and its caterer is not available for fast delivery. Using a messaging service with chatbots such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram, for example, you could order a fast delivery of ice using up to two or three messages.

You start a chat with the bot, so it's called "chatbots"

This would transform the entire supplier search process, contacting them to find out if they are open or still in delivery, how to pay for the service, or having to enter all your data into the system before you can make the purchase. and schedule the delivery. A bot can do it for you.

With that in mind, we can say that a robot (ie an artificial intelligence), developed by a small developer agency in the interior of So Paulo, can transform its experience with consuming products and content from a messaging application that You use it daily. Imagine now how many times you had to go to Google's search engine to get information and search for products. With that in mind, isn't it almost logical that the search giant also starts using bots in messaging services?

Google to announce messenger bot service today

That's what we expect to see the Sundar Pichai team talking about in a few hours. As the world's largest search service, it will adopt bot technology in messaging applications. Telegram has been trying to do a good job in this regard, but it still doesn't offer half the potential that artificial intelligence technology can deliver.

Facebook has recently invested in this technology and claims to have a huge number of developers working to offer functional bots. However, for the service to prevail, the issue here is not quantity but quality.

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We may see Google today introducing a solution for messaging or similar bots / ANDROIDPIT

Google has years of experience and investment in artificial intelligence; Incidentally, you use one every day without perhaps realizing it: Google Now. Google is expected today to provide a solution for more developers to use search engine tools in their bots.

We don't know yet whether Big G will offer a new messaging service or maybe just encourage developers to use its services, such as Calendar, browser, browser, or access to Chrome or YouTube browsing history for content indication. But one thing for sure, Google won't let other platforms offer what it does best: refer content and services.

What's your opinion about Google offering bots for your favorite messaging services?

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