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Do you pay for apps, games or streaming on your Android?

Buying from the Play Store something that may not be possible for many users. This is because there are many alternatives for different types of apps and games that end up canceling the desire of the user to pay for something "equal". A bit against this is streaming services, which are becoming a necessity among smartphone owners, especially to stay on top of the latest releases or to participate in that debate about the current series. Do you subscribe to a streaming service or do you usually buy apps and games from the Play Store?

I confess that I am the "shopaholic" either on the Play Store or the App Store (yes, I use an iPhone and an Android). I rent movies, buy VSCO filters, image editors, productivity apps, games, and anything else that interests me. My only criterion is the quality and usability of the app or game, it doesn't matter if the app is just a calculator, if you convince me I pass the card.

However, I realize that in many places I go to, it is impossible to exchange experiences about the purchases I made, because people who live with me do not have this habit of buying apps, renting movies and so on. Honestly, few even know they can redeem a purchase on their Google account if it is removed or their device exchanged.

This is really frustrating, as Google has been investing in differentiated payment methods for the Play Store, including discounting the purchase on the carrier's credit balance. A survey released today shows exactly this buying preference that I commented at the beginning of the article, focused primarily on streaming service subscriptions. In the top five of the list of most profitable applications for smartphones, released by App Annie, Spotify, HBO Now and Netflix, see:

1. Spotify 2. Line 3. Netflix 4. Tinder 5. HBO Now

With regard to games we have free options, but which became profitable to its developers through internal purchases:

1. Monster Strike 2. Clash of Clans 3. Pokemon Go 4. War Game: Fire Age 5. Clash Royale

These apps and games have generated a $ 90 billion return for their developers, and it is estimated that $ 800 million of this revenue was generated solely from internal purchases of the Pokmon GO game. Line and Tinder are the only non-streaming apps that appear in the list. Based on this research, I decided to build the poll below. Be sure to join:

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