Do you live in So Paulo? Meet the App "9Digito" for Android

Anyone who lives in So Paulo and the region knows that from 29th July a new numbering plan for DDD 11 mobile phones comes into force, right? For those looking for a quick and easy way to make this transition, Abacomm has launched an app called 9Digito that in addition to turning your phonebook numbers into 9xxxx-xxxx, works even for those who don't live under cover 011, especially for organizing the phonebook. and standardize the long distance carrier.

The operation seems very simple and fast through some parameters:

  • If phone numbers without DDD in your phonebook should be transformed or not: the app enters 9 digits in local numbers if they are DDD 11 and only for mobile numbers.
  • Choose from a few options how you want to standardize the format of your numbers
  • Standardize numbers with your preferred long distance carrier: for example 02187651234 becomes 0XX (21) 87651234

Check out how it works in the images below:

With 9Digit it does not seem so difficult to make the transition of phone book. The app costs about R $ 2,00 in the Google Play Store and you download 9Digito by clicking on the image below:


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