Do you live in Portugal and want to learn how to build digital products that people love? This article is for you!

Do you live in Portugal and want to learn how to build digital products that people love? This article is for you!

per Leonardo Copello

Who does not admire the care that Apple takes when developing its products? Subtleties in design and interaction that make a huge difference in the user's experience.

But building a fantastic digital product that people like and want to use is not an easy task. It is necessary to bring together professionals with different skills to understand what users need, what they want and how they use the product on a daily basis.

For those who spend their time building applications, software and / or other digital products, Portugal will host in October the Productized Conference, one of the best digital product conferences.

The event, which will take place in Lisbon, is an opportunity for software engineers, designers and product managers discuss best practices in the creation and development of innovative products.

The international conference will bring together experts in ProductThinking, Product Design and Product Management in two days of debates and workshops, in which professionals such as Vijay Kumar (professor at the IIT Institute of Design), Roman Pichler (allthingsproductowner) and Brian Donohue (project manager at Intercom) will share their experiences in the sessions Designing for Tomorrows Smart Systems and also Product Strategy and Product Success. They still have the panels How to play: Exploring Physical and Digital Product Innovation, with Alex Crowfoot, Improve Products through Customer Experience Design, with Eric Roscam Abbing and the premiere of the film Designers Inbetween, performed by Jonathan Ramalho.

The Productized Conference will take place at FIL (Lisbon International Fair), in Parque das Naes, on October 8th and 9th. Tickets start at 195 euros to attend the conference; h still o gold pass (gold pass), which for 312 euros gives full access to the event (conference and workshops).

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Check out the full program and let yourself be inspired!