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Do you know who was the largest private donor in the fight against COVID-19? It wasn't Bill Gates …

Although many aids in combating the crisis generated by COVID-19 are anonymous, many are the names released that are linked to the donation of small fortunes to ease the impact of the pandemic. In late April, Forbes created a list of 77 billionaires who donated to different causes linked to the fight against the coronavirus, compiled in a Top 10 by Statista.

The most generous was, without a doubt, the CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, who decided to donate a quarter of his personal fortune, corresponding to one billion dollars. Only in the second place are the couple Bill and Melinda Gates, whose foundation donated 255 million dollars, closing the podium with a donation of 132 million from Azim Premji, from the Indian technological company Wipro.

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The list is mainly made up of American billionaires, with names like Jeff Bezos, the Amazon boss who made 100 million available, or Michael Bloomberg with 74.5 million dollars. But there is still an Australian name in the top 10, iron producer Andrew Forrest of Fortescue Metals.

Out of curiosity, Donald Trump, who has a fortune estimated at 2.1 billion net worth, wrote a check for $ 100,000, corresponding to a quarter of his salary as President of the United States, to the Department of Health Services. . This donation amount corresponds to 0.005% of your assets

Donations are also made in Portugal to combat entities COVID-19, and Aliados Consulting and FES Agency created the COVID-19 Donation Observatory portal. The platform is being updated with the names of the people, foundations and companies that made donations, by area of ​​activity, as well as the destination of the amounts.

Portuguese donations have already exceeded 35 million euros, with a higher percentage coming from the foundations, of almost 6 million euros (36% of the total), followed by the Financial System with 3.2 million (19.5%) and Business Associations with 1.25 million euros (7.6%).

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The main destination of the funds is the purchase of fans, which accounts for 11.5 million of the total (32.5%), followed by the Global Response COVID-19 at the request of the European Union for 10 million euros (28.2% ) and new reality adaptation projects, with 5 million euros (14.2%). It should be remembered that even today 100 Atena ventilators were delivered to hospitals, which had 1.2 million collections of funds in crowdfunding.