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Do you know Parrot Security OS?

Linux distribution focused on information security professionals, recently received a new update.

When anyone thinks of hackers Kali Linux comes to mind. However, the Linux world is vast and there are numerous alternatives and many of equal quality.


Parrot Security OS focuses on the security area, one of several IT industries that require a lot of study, testing and overcoming. Designed for pentest, computer forensics, reverse engineering, attacking, keyword attack applications, encryption and more. It has a vast and select set of tools and is also a great solution when working with cryptocurrencies.

Unlike Kali Linux which uses the GNOME environment by default, Parrot makes use of MATE. Even on your site there is an option with KDE. The Debian-based system and the latest update available, Parrot Security 4.7, came with a lot of news.


Site Domain Change

Initially the distro only focused on pentest, over time the project matured and became more general. There was thus a need for domain change, for, for better organization.

Repository Changes

The distribution has renamed its current repository of stable for rolling, in the daily life of users who use the system does not influence anything. With this change, Parrot's proposal becomes more distinguishable, as the team plans to release a LTS variation (this is stable).

Menu improvements and program additions

The Parrot interface menu has been redesigned to assist and facilitate the search for installed apps. In addition to new tools added for pentest, the team mentions that it plans to further widen the range of varieties. Not all programs are installed on the system, there has been some sorting and selection of some packages, the rest are in the repositories and it is up to the user to have the freedom to assemble his own arsenal.

Sandbox on AppImage

A customized solution of firejail + apparmor has been added to the system, this is intended to improve the sandbox feature in the system. This was due to the high number of complaints from users, the previous implementation of the AppImages sandbox caused some problems.

Linux Kernel 5.2

Even though it is based on Debian, which is often very conservative, Parrot managers try to offer the latest versions of Linux on their system.

MATE Update

Parrot 4.7 ships with the latest version of the MATE 1.22 desktop environment. Light, fast and economical MATE is a perfect choice for those who want to install on an old machine or use via live cd.

The system has more news, an example are the latest versions of Firefox, however do not expect surprising results in other areas, such as games and the like. Well targeted, the distro thought for cybersecurity is not the common user.

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