Do you know how “What's up, Siri” works on multiple devices?

THE Crab is present on virtually all Apple devices.

On Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV, you necessarily need to press a button to interact with the virtual assistant on the watch.

"And the, Siri" (Hey, Siri), but only when you lift your wrist and activate the screen.

Now on the iPhone, iPad and the newly launched HomePod, Siri is listening carefully, just waiting for the command “E a, Siri”, to start working as long as this option is activated in Siri and Search Settings.

But if you have these three devices at your side and utter the magic words, which one will answer? Because Apple decided to answer that question.

When saying “Hey, Siri”, devices communicate quickly using Bluetooth technology to determine which one should respond to your request.

The device that heard the phrase best or that was in your hand recently responded.

The HomePod, due to its natural feature (always connected, microphones optimized to listen to yourself from a distance, etc.), will respond most of the time, even if there are other devices around.

This, of course, if Siri in its devices is configured for the English language, since HomePod does not yet speak Portuguese.


If you want to use Siri on a specific device (such as your iPhone), lift the device to wake it up, press the Home button or tap the screen (in the case of iPhone X) to use Siri.

If your iPad has Bluetooth turned off (for example) or if it is outside the communication area with other devices, it can also respond to a call from the HomePod or iPhone.

Another scenario that can collaborate with possible problems in this communication between the devices to see which answer to your call the software, so, try to keep all your devices properly updated, running the latest version of the operating system available.

Now, if you don't want your iPhone or iPad to respond to “Hey, Siri”, just place them on the table with the screen facing down.

On HomePod, you can talk "Hey Siri, turn off 'Hey Siri'" ("So, Siri, turn off‘ So, Siri '") or “Turn off Listen for‘ Hey, Siri ’in HomePod settings in the Home app” (“Turn off the‘ E a, Siri ’in the HomePod settings in the Home app”).

To activate the feature again, touch and hold the top of the HomePod, then say "Turn on Hey, Siri" ("Connect E to, Siri").

Okay, everything duly explained. 😉

via Daring Fireball