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Do you know how many messages you already sent on WhatsApp? Find out now!

About two weeks ago, we ran a poll here on AndroidPIT asking readers what the best messaging app is. We put 13 options. With 63% of the votes, Telegram was the choice of our readers. I also agree that Telegram has more features, but WhatsApp, shot, the most used in Brazil, without a doubt.

It is very likely that you have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone and use it several times a day. But, have you ever wondered how many messages you have sent from the application? And how many received? Do you know how many MB you have already trafficked through WhatsApp servers?

Few people know, but the WhatsApp Android app has an area where you can view some statistics about its use. This information is, in practice, irrelevant to most users. But it is nonetheless an interesting curiosity.

If you had no idea that on Android you can see this information, follow our tutorial below and learn how to find this data as well.

How to access WhatsApp chat history

First open your WhatsApp and tap the three dots located at the top right. In the menu that opens, tap Settings. Then select Data Usage and then tap Network Usage.

whatsapp statistics
Way to see WhatsApp statistics / AndroidPIT

Ready! Now just check your statistics. In my case, I have already sent 6,268 messages, received 6,113 and had an average of 45 MB of sent and received media. All messages I have sent on WhatsApp do not exceed 12 MB. Already received messages this number a little higher, but only a little: 12.9 MB.

whatsapp statistics 2
My WhatsApp / ANDROIDPIT Usage Statistics

You can also see how many calls you already made, how many you received, how many bytes were consumed on those calls, the size of your Google Drive backup, and other very interesting statistics about their usage.

Did you know that WhatsApp for Android had this function? How many messages have you sent and received?

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