Do you have any idea how much an iPhone 6 costs in Venezuela? “Only” R $ 145.3 thousand in the parallel market… [atualizado]

Do you have any idea how much an iPhone 6 costs in Venezuela? “Only” R $ 145.3 thousand in the parallel market… [atualizado]

Not new to anyone that the iPhone is actually all Apple products extremely expensive here in Brazil. But there is a country in Latin America where, believe me, things are much worse than here.

As reported by the Rio newspaper The globe, the lack of stock of handsets and the scarcity of dollars in Venezuela are making the purchase of any cell phone practically impossible, going against the Latin American market.

In short, the country is having trouble paying for both basic products and imports as oil accounts for 95% of Venezuelan exports. As the price of the barrel has been falling (in the second half of last year, the fall was 50%), the catholic scenario is established. To complete this recipe, we still have an inflation which, at the end of last year, was a mere 69% in the account forecasts that, now, it is above 100%.

Speaking specifically of cell phones, all cell phone service providers / sellers are required to go through the government intermediary (Telecom Venezuela) and, due to the lack of money, it is failing to honor orders.

So whoever has a phone to sell charges a fortune. And whoever buys, has to take all the care in the world not to be stolen since these devices are now worth more than ever. Yes, a lot of money, really! Mara Vernica Fernndez, who had her Samsung Galaxy S4 stolen, went to eight stores in Caracas to put her name on a waiting list for a cell phone she said she didn't even like.

It is the same feeling of helplessness as when you have to go to three or four supermarkets to look for toilet paper, oil or flour.

After waiting a few weeks, she bought a Samsung Galaxy Fame that here in Brazil sold for less than R $ 400 for an incredible 17 thousand dollars (about R $ 8.2 thousand). But the iPhone 6 goes beyond any imagined limit. L, the Apple smartphone sold on MercadoLivre for about 300 thousand bolvars, something around R $ 145.3 thousand about 41 times the country's minimum monthly salary of 7.3 thousand bolvars!

Little complicated

(tip from Junior Santos)

Update · 06/24/2015 s 00:08

The discussion in the comments took an unnecessary turn. Those who are hitting the key of the information source will be the EXAME Magazine, from Abril, know that both she and the subject of The globe are based on Bloomberg (yes, this is the original source of the information).

In short, prices are expensive because the dollar in the Venezuelan parallel market is much more expensive than those reported by the country's official indexes. Much of this has to do with the government's limitation on buying the currency. In this way, people are obliged to exchange on the parallel market, raising the price of everything directly linked to the dollar, which obviously includes imported products.

In addition, we changed the title to pass on the information that the price is actually practiced in the parallel market. And yes, people can sell products for any price on MercadoLivre, but try to compare the average values ​​charged in Brazilian ML with Venezuelans and draw your own conclusions. And make no mistake: there is demand for products with exorbitant values, just look at the sales history of some of them.