Do we ever forget the first Moto G?

#TBT: Do we ever forget the first Moto G?

I have always been faithful to my smartphones. My first HTC Desire HD and its Gingerbread stayed with me for a long time; then came the Xperia T and, before the Xperia Z2, I spent six intense months with the first generation of Moto G. Taking advantage of our #TBT series, nothing better than going back in time and remembering how Motorola’s intermediary made me see Android in a different way.

In November 2013, Motorola brought the first generation of Moto G to the market. Among the main features were the affordable price and the experience with a little modified software compared to the pure version of Android. At 4.5 inches, the Moto G fit perfectly in hand and arrived at a time when many smartphones were starting to reach 5 inches.

Opinion by Camila Rinaldi

The absence of bloatwares and, of course, the speed with which Motorola delivered the Jelly Bean software update for KitKat was almost historic.

My first contact with the device was at AndroidPIT, when the device arrived for testing. At the time, I used the device for a week before writing the Moto G review. After the analysis, I stayed with the device to do processes such as unlocking the bootloader and root this intermediary.

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Three years ago Moto G was my smartphone for everything / © NextPit

At this time, I also remember that Moto G became really popular in the country, and the AndroidPIT community boomed, with many forum topics being created to explore any and all possibilities of the device’s software. Indeed, the absence of bloatwares and, of course, the speed with which Motorola delivered the Jelly Bean software update for KitKat was almost historic, especially when it comes to mid-range. Remember that the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s flagship at the time, took months to receive the same update.

By accessing the Moto G forum here on AndroidPIT, you can get an idea of ​​how intense my experience with the device was, as all members and owners of the device made a point of sharing ROM installation tutorials, including minor fixes and additions functions in existing ROMs began to emerge at the hands of forum members. I confess that I learned a lot from the users of this topic, especially from the moderators of the time.

However, updating the OS in record time, which was second only to Google’s Nexus, was not what surprised me the most at the time, but the fact that after 30 minutes underwater, the Moto G still worked, without even having any water resistance certification. For those who don’t remember, it’s worth a revival of the video below:

After this test, I stayed with the Moto G for another six months until destiny decided to play a trick on us: I lost it at a party. However, my story with the Moto G went even further, because in the week that I lost the device, I bought the same model and still continued to test the limits of Motorola’s mid-range, such as drop tests and even even changing the screen.

I believe that the Moto G was really a game changer in the mobile market, especially in Brazil, where cheap smartphones were almost always stagnant in a lagging version of the operating system and carried an immense amount of unnecessary and uninteresting applications.

Today we have smartphones in the line of really competitive intermediaries and I think this is a consequence of the buzz generated by the first generation of Moto G.

And you, what is the smartphone that you still fondly remember (or not) and that you missed?

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