Do-it-yourself tip: homemade protection to prevent your Apple USB cable from breaking

The USB cables that come with Apple devices (like the iPhone and iPad) they are not well known for their durability. In fact, many people complain that after a few months, the ends begin to break with use. I personally never had a cable like this broken and I believe it depends a lot on how the user takes care of the cable. But as many people suffer from this problem, we bring the solution suggested by our reader Sandro Dukta. ?

Do you know those retractable pens that you usually get as a gift? Yes, Sandro used her inner spring and made a cable protector himself. Check out the step-by-step how-to:

Step 1: open the pen and remove the inner spring. Make sure you don’t want the pen anymore, as it will be unusable.

Step 2: secure the top of the spring at the beginning of the cable.

Step 3: start to wrap the rest of the spring around the cable so that it is wrapped around it. Do this until the entire spring is used.

Step 4: if necessary, use a tool to wrap the spring tips, which have more resistance.

There, your cable is more protected now, lasting longer. ?

Is that you? Do you have any other “MacGyver” tips to tell us? ?

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