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DJL Games Manager for Linux – Over 200 titles in a few clicks

An Alternative to Steam and Desura

Stem has been drowning out of the Linux world in recent months, but even before Steam hit, Desura was already operating on open platforms and is still a good option for buying games.

We both know we are good game managers, and especially Steam backed by a big company – Valve – and have partnerships with many game development studios, which may bother some that most good games are paid for, some with It's a really affordable price but still paid.


The DJL Games Manager

DJL is an Open Source game manager, yes, all the games listed – only over two hundred – are totally free, the program downloads, configures and installs games like Unreal Tournament 2004, Enemy Territory, Yo Frankie and many others. They are even part of our large repository of Games for Linux.

DJL is developed in Python and so depends on it to run, but don't worry, it comes with most distributions by default, has a simple interface and works like a game catalog, just about every Linux game is included. in him. At least all the classics are.

Despite the simple interface it is quite complete and objective, in the repository tab you will be able to view all available games if you still sort them by category, when you click on any game you will be presented with an image similar to that above the text, showing a screenshot of the game is the link to the website and of course the option to install the game.

DJL Download

DJL is a French project and you can download it for free from the link below: Just run the SH file that comes inside the zipped folder and be happy! =]

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