Controle misterioso da DJI para Mavic 2 aparece novamente em site da empresa

DJI's Mysterious Control for Mavic 2 Appears on Company Website Again

The mysterious control of DJI to Mavic 2, which has appeared on the Internet a few times, has gained prominence, but this time on an official page of the manufacturer.

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Same features as other Mavic 2 models, but with new features

As the site points out Drone DJ, the official Mavic 2 Enterprise page showcases this new DJI aircraft controller, which features an integrated display.

Official Website: DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

This is a very different method of operation from the manufacturer's standard control, which is often used in conjunction with the user's smartphone.

The specifications of this new control are not yet known, but it is expected that it will use some version of the screen. CrystalSky gives DJI. Therefore, an experience with good visibility in bright sunlight is expected, as well as a longer battery life.

This same control has already appeared on a label that comes with the Fly More Kit, which brings, among other things, extra batteries for the Mavic 2 line drones.

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