DJI will release new Goggles, a Remote Controller and an FPV drone!

New records from FCCUnited States certification body, were released and show that the DJI is preparing to launch a trio of new products soon: a FPV (First Person View) droneglasses Goggles, it is a Remote Controller.

There are no concrete images or details of these three products yet. Through the FCC, the registered IDs are:

Starting with the mysterious new Goggles, some people are already calling it the DJI Goggles 2. So far, the company has two models of this type of glasses, and probably the third in the family will be adapted to the new drone.


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Moreover, it would not be the first time the company has dived into the world of FPV drones, given that it has launched the DJI Goggles Racing Edition, which can be connected to various FPV racing drones a few years ago. However, some users felt that it was bulky and heavy compared to other manufacturers, so it would be interesting to think of a smaller, lighter and more competitive accessory.

The new Controller, in turn, may come with "follow me" style commands, which are already becoming a trend in the drone market. Instead of the ship being limited to a fixed point, she can follow her pilot closely.

And about the new drone, we can expect a much shorter response time, sharper flight angles and amazing images. DJI is already the leading drone developer today, with over 70% of the world market, and as it is going deeper into the FPV segment, it would not be surprising if it came to the attention, but this market has several different peculiarities from traditional drones, a Most of them FPV high-speed drones have DIY parts, that is, do it yourself, allowing a multitude of combinations of components, ranging from the drone housing, developed with high durability materials, to motors. , propellers, cameras, batteries and control modules, drone and glasses. The question: How much would a DJI drone cost for this market segment? Would you have a concept similar to RoboMaster S1? which can be customized, we'll see you very soon.

The drone market grows by the day, and it is not hard to believe that it will still expand greatly. What can we do now wait for more information.

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