DJI unveils new image for DJI Airworks, event featuring key company technologies

October 30th to DJI Make a presentation to demonstrate new technologies and trends that the company is working on. Friday (19) the largest drone maker in the world posted a picture on Twitter to call their fans to the event, earlier today a new image was published and called even more attention to those who were expecting some news.

The image posted on Twitter on the 19th, at first, looks like a binoculars, something like the Z CAM K1 Pro Cinematic VR180 camera. But when dealing with the image in Photoshop, you can see that the object looks like devices that can be docked in DJI drones.

Already the tweet today, according to the portal Drone Dj, may indicate a camera with a wider viewing angle than the most popular, perhaps even a camera 360 degrees.

The event takes place in Dallas, Texas, and carries the phrase "For the Frontairs" as a slogan. Tickets are being sold on the DJI website and package prices range from $ 399 to $ 899.

Via: DroneDJ Source: DJI (tagsToTranslate) dji (t) drones (t) gadgets (t) drone