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DJi to launch Mavic Mini drone with 4K camera for $ 399

UPDATE 13/08/2019 – 14:53 New leaks of alleged specifications, including a video, indicate that the drone would be less than 250 grams. check out clicking here.

THE DJI duty soon launch the drone Mavic Mini, which would arrive with a 4K resolution camera (3840 x 2160 pixels) and would cost in the range of $ 399 ($ ​​1,573 in direct conversion). The unmanned aircraft would have a weight of 350 grams and a wingspan of 270mm which means that it would be beyond the 250 gram limit of FAA, below which it is not necessary to register the product with the government.


The drone has a design very similar to Mavic 2, in a much smaller proportion.

According to the website Drone DJ, Mavic Mini should use an enhanced version of DJI's Wi-Fi technology, the same as found on DJI Spark and in DJI Mavic Air, for example. Your $ 399 price should put you face to face with the drone Mantis Q Yuneec, with DJI trying to convince consumers through its more mature software and the features it usually implements in its products.

Official Website: DJI Mavic Drones

According to speculation, the Mavic Mini will have only optical sensors to avoid obstacles, with one positioned at the front and one at the bottom. The main camera would consist of a 12MP CMOS sensor, 1 / 2.3 inch size and 4K resolution. It would be mounted on a 3-axis gimbal quite similar to that of DJI Mavic Air.

Mavic Mini should be foldable and have a design very similar to that found in products like Mavic 2 Pro it's the Mavic 2 Zoom. J your battery would look similar to the one found in DJI Phantom 4, which has an extra input for the battery, where you can also find the USB connector and the place to insert the microSD card.

As the site explains Drone DJIt is strange that the leaked Mavic Mini photos feature a microUSB connector. After all, all the latest DJI drones use Type-C USB. In addition, the front legs of the product in the images are wider than those of Mavic 2. These two factors suggest that the leaked photos are from an engineering test version that was sent to the patent office.

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