Software DJI Terra transforma dados capturados por drones em modelos 3D

DJI Terra Software Transforms Drone-Captured Data into 3D Models

THE DJI announced its new software DJI Terra, which serves to convert, view and analyze 3D data captured by drones. It can be used to create digital 3D models or maps to enable companies to make decisions with more information and detail.


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As a leader in the commercial drone industry, DJI continues to develop affordable, easy-to-use software and hardware solutions that help companies transform their drone technology operations and gain a competitive advantage in their segments.– Sunny Liao, Enterprise Director at DJI

Official Website: DJI Terra

The product was created designed for corporate audiences, especially in the areas of construction, infrastructure, agriculture and cinematography. Among its use cases are the reconstruction of car accidents, the verification of the progress of construction projects and the conduct of inspections on large scale projects such as bridges and highways.

"As an integrated modeling and mapping solution, DJI Terra makes the data gathering process simple and efficient, generating conclusions and recommendations across industries, from accident reconstruction, critical infrastructure inspections to agricultural soil mapping and field models. for building construction.– Sunny Liao, Enterprise Director at DJI

Check out some examples of missions where software can be useful, according to DJI: Mapping Missions Captures a specific area quickly and easily by drawing a custom polygon flight zone on the map. DJI Terra automatically creates flight route options efficiently based on the selected area.Missions with trajectory Creates dynamic flight paths customized by or around an object through configurable trajectories and parameters such as aircraft altitude, speed, direction, stabilizer inclination, and angle. For more complex missions that require greater attention to detail, the 3D flight display feature lets you create and simulate missions on existing 3D models.Oblique Misses Capture a detailed set of data by automatically flying the same route multiple times. Each flight automatically adjusts the camera's angle to capture new details and grant an even sharper 3D model of the object or feature of various angles.