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DJI Spark 2 can be launched in July with 4K 30fps camera and three-axis gimbal [RUMOR]

Rumors about the specs of the next generation of DJI's smallest drone, the Spark, have already begun to appear. O Spark 2 It may be released in the market in July according to rumors, but some information has already begun to be released. You can already know some news and improvements that the company will bring, such as longer flight time and more quality images.

DJI Spark 2 enhancements: – 4K video at 30fps – Video bitrate has been increased – 3 axis gimbal – ActiveTrack 2.0 – 2x digital zoom – Longer flight time (18 minutes) – New battery design (not compatible with old model) – New antenna design and new remote control with improved technology for better connection (Not OcuSync 2.0) – Two colors available: black and white – New panorama mode

To make a comparison with the first version you can access the full DJI Spark specifications by clicking here. The biggest news to camera qualityIf the leaks are confirmed, the second version will show a major evolution in the capture of images compared to Spark, jumping from 1080p to 4k. Flight time also increases, but not so much, from 16 minutes to 18 minutes, with a revamped battery.

O gimbal would gain one more axis, going from two to three. Spark was famous for its stability, which is expected to get even better in the second version, as it seems that the connection has been improved and the stabilizers as well.

Although not mentioned in the leaked information, it is unlikely that the drone will shrink in size or that its propellers will be foldable. The first verse has the measures 14314355 mm and weighs about 300 grams. It is important to remember that the company did not comment on the information released and that no information is confirmed.


Camera information leaked before announcement Wednesday, Wednesday

According to some internal DJI sources, Spark 2 will be officially launched in July 2019. The company has an event scheduled to introduce a new product on May 15, which will be a DJI Osmo Action camera, a direct competitor with GoPro, and has already had all specifications leaked along with the box. For more content on drones see the video below:

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