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DJI responds US government: "Consumer data is not our business"

THE chinese manufacturer DJI released an official response to the Security Department (acronym in English DHS) of United Statesby clarifying that their consumers' data is not the company's account and that they do not base their business around it.


Security Department says DJI drones can send "sensitive" data to China

The company's official announcement was published on the website. DJI Hubwhere the manufacturer argues that its goal is to provide a reliable platform for drones. According to the company, its aircraft exceed at least meet the US Department of Security recommended measures.

As the Drone DJ website points out, the way DJI handles user data and security-related topics has been questioned several times. Now the company is in the midst of a trade war between the United States and China, which has already resulted in US companies being banned from doing business with the US. Huawei.

Still, according to the publication, preventing US companies from buying drones and DJI products would be a big problem for organizations and agencies that depend on these models. Rescue workers, police stations and fire departments even use these life-saving gadgets. At the moment, there are few alternatives that match the capabilities and cost effectiveness of DJI products.

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"We have seen comments on the recent industry guidance from the US Department of Security and we want to take this opportunity to share our perspective. The mitigation measures recommended by the DHS Industry Alert are in line with the best drone practices we have. We have developed in the last 12 years, led by our global team of engineers and developed in partnership with our end users, from public safety heroes and pioneering corporations to the federal government of the United States. "– DJI Official Announcement

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