Fotos de câmera com lente removível da DJI são publicadas na internet [Rumor]

DJI Removable Lens Camera Photos are posted on the Internet [Rumor]

Photos of the supposed camera of DJI with removable lens were published once again in Twitter, with speculation pointing to an abandoned project by the Chinese manufacturer. According to the site Drone DJmost likely a never released prototype Phantom 5. The concept would have been abandoned by DJI, at least for Phantom 5, which would now be following another design philosophy.


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Company officials even officially denied that this product was DJI Phantom 5. The official explanation of the company's spokesmen states that the photos are of a special model, which would have been customized especially for a consumer. Despite this, sources with well-known DJI Internet point out that this false explanation, explaining that such a project would be very expensive for the company.

The photos were published by Twitter user Kanzhaji, who brings four images of different angles of the piece that would be the camera of the DJI Phantom 5, as well as its removable lens. Drone DJ explains that the photos show a camera, lens and gimbal designed at least a year ago. Anyway, the page team believes that the project has been abandoned by DJI since then.

The first images of what this prototype DJI Phantom 5 would look like appeared in 2018. After that, the rumors eventually faded, with the release of a new product for the Phantom line becoming uncertain.

Source: Kanzhaji

In early 2019, it was announced that the Phantom 4 was ending its life cycle in the market. A successor to the product has not been released to date and probably will not be released anytime soon. The expectation that DJI will continue to develop the Mavic series and stop producing the Phantom series.

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