DJI recomenda autorização gratuita do Kittyhawk para pilotos de drone amadores

DJI Recommends Free Kittyhawk Authorization for Amateur Drone Riders

At the end of last year the United States Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) has authorized professional drone pilots to be able to fly near airports thanks to a specific permit granted to only nine companies. Since then, the extension of this concession to amateur or recreational pilots has been discussed by the agency, but without major advances in the bureaucratic process that required prior notification of pilots.


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However, this week, the FAA officially announced that the LAANCFree, instant authorization service to fly in a controlled air space can finally be accessed by all pilots. As a result, recreational or amateur pilots can fly in areas close to 600 airports they could not previously access.

With this FAA decision, DJI issued an official statement to its drone pilots advising the use of the free Kittyhawk app, which like other services like UASideKick and Airmap, easily and quickly releases an authorization for controlled flight in specific areas. This authorization is still able to help pilots find out what these areas are and to plan their flights more safely and efficiently, meeting all the necessary requirements.

"Drones have earned a remarkable safety record worldwide, and the FAA has recognized that they can be safely operated in certain areas near airports by professional and recreational operators. Opening the LAANC system for recreational drone pilots is an important step in FAA's efforts to integrate safe drones into US skies, providing innovative solutions to regulatory requirements.Brendan Schulman, DJI Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs

Kittyhawk also provides flight information for FAA Areo Traffic Control, which helps to prevent unwanted notifications about nearby hazards. Your authorization has two different options that can be chosen at the time of registration, professional (Section 107) or recreational (Section 44809). After selecting one, the application will guide the user through the instructions for use.

Kittyhawk Official Website

Kittyhawk LAANC service is available for devices Android and iOS, through the Play Store or APP Store.

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