DJI Pro new website created for professional photographers interested in drones

THE DJI launched its new website dedicated to professional photographers who use or are looking to use drones in their work.

The page is called "DJI Pro"and will receive product education content, project information and practical examples of DJI drones used in movie sets, among other things.


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"From the creation of the first Phantom to the Inspire and Ronin series, DJI has been dedicated to creating intuitive tools for all levels of filmmakers.

With the launch of the DJI Pro website, we now have a dedicated place where consumers can learn about We apply our professional products and we also provide a learning-based platform for users to receive the latest information.

We will continue to make the industry's most reliable and leading tools for our growing consumer base.

"– Ti Xie, DJI Director of Public Relations

Website: DJI Pro

The site will also provide information on workshops organized by the company and events that are part of the DJI Master Program.

The latter is a program where users have a chance to learn directly from experts like Tom fritz and Rufus blackwell.

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