DJI prepares to launch smartwatch for drones

In 2018 DJI, the world's largest drone maker, recorded a smart watch with a distinctive feature that would be able to be used to control the company's drones. Now come the first images of what seems to be the company's smartwatch. As there is still no official note from DJI, there is some information that is just rumors and speculation, but at least the design should be what you can see in the image below.

In what does not seem to be a prototype yet, but at an advanced stage of development, as it has a system installed, the DJI smartwatch has a still unfinished design. A central circular part with a single offset for a small joystick.

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It is hard to imagine that such a small button can be used to control a drone, which in traditional control uses more than one joystick for flight. Drones are more likely to be able to receive instructions and information and schedules through the clock, allowing them to perform simple movements.

Also, with a smartwatch attached, it may be interesting to access the ID of small aircraft, something that has been worked out by the company mainly in the US alongside the FAA.

Providing technologies that enhance its users' flights is a task that DJI has been trying to accomplish, the company has launched applications like DJI Fly, smaller and more affordable drones like DJI Mavic Mini and has also been gradually expanding its gadget types. Taking a break from the drone world, the company launched a smart, programmable robot, the Robomaster S1. The company, in a statement, explained that investment in robotics is due to the fact that this area of ​​knowledge is becoming increasingly part of our lives, and it is essential to understand it.

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