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Dji Osmo Pocket already brings v1.2.0.20 firmware with audio enhancements and auto focus


Accessories make it a strong contender for GoPro cameras

THE Dji is already starting to send the Osmo Pocket. Its official launch was on November 28 and the company promised that it would begin distribution on December 15. Some users who bought pre-sale reported that the manufacturer has advanced on time and is already shipping the camera. In addition, the firmware has been updated and is at v1.2.0.20 version, with approximately 51MB, the DJI Mimo App for iOS is at version: v1.0.0 and on Android: v1.0.0.

Dji has even updated its software, making the quality of audio gets a lot better, so that it is not necessary. Also available are slow camera, 120fps and 1080p, automtic focusYou are a facilitator to switch the camera to selfie mode.

Other functions that have been changed are: – The power button now works by pressing twice, and can switch the camera direction when pressed three times; – When the gimbal is turned off it automatically adjusts to fit the lid – Ability to recentralize and change camera orientation in Flashlight mode – Recordings have less picture noise – Improved Timelapse mode without having to use DJI Mimo ; – Higher shooting speed in Panorama mode. – Efficient and faster DJI Mimo file readings. – Optimized gimbal stability in Timelapse mode.

The camera will come with updated firmware, but if you don't already have it, Dji has made available a video with step by step how to update the software:

Who bought the camera in the pre-sale the company is already sending to the address, in the next days all users should have already received and sales of Dji Osmo Pocket should be normalized in the market.

The Dji osmo Pocket have complete review coming soon here in the Connected World.

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