DJI Osmo Action será a GoPro Killer?

DJI Osmo Action be the GoPro Killer?

UPDATE 15/05 – ADJI has officially announced OSMO Action, to check out the full article click here.

THE DJI will announce on the day 15 of this monthon Wednesday, his new sports camera, called DJI Osmo Action, a direct competitor to GoPro cameras. In addition to a number of images, the camera's technical specifications were also leaked, if confirmed, placing the company as a strong competitor in this market's dispute with GoPro, although it still has no official price information.

DJI Osmo Action Reach To Compete With GoPro HERO7 Black

Below are some of the supposed Osmo Action specifications: – Image stabilization system- Dual LCD display- 1 / 2.3 12-megapixel Sony CMOS sensor IMX377- Ambarella H2 image processor- Field of view: 145 f / 2.8- Shutter speed: 1 / 8000-120s- Video: 4K60p with 8x slow motion, 1080p video 120k- HDR and automatic time-lapse photography- Shooting modes: Single, AEB Continuous shooting, Countdown shooting, Multiple continuous shooting and Interval shooting

Highlights in the specs is 4K resolution recording at 60 fps, which GoPro HERO 7 Black already has, but the DJI camera would support slow-motion mode at that resolution. Questioned is the informed sensor and if it really is him, Sony IMX377 model, which is already on the market for about 2 years on other models like Xiaomi Yi 4K +.

Longer lasting battery can be big differential over GoPro

A very criticized feature in GoPro cameras is related to battery life, always forcing the use of a powerbank when recording over one hour and a few minutes is required, if the DJI model brings longer autonomy, it will be a very positive draw with other specifications, if confirmed. Another interesting feature is water submerged support, but without protective cover as it happens with GoPro models. This feature, by the way, should become the market standard from now on, something that has happened to the Sony RX0 II camera, which also does not require a cover, but costs $ 699.

At first there is nothing to doubt the leaks, since the very image that DJI used to promote the event indicated a product with underwater shooting support, now everything is clear with the leaked images. It remains to be confirmed the price that it costs, considering that Osmo Pocket arrived costing $ 349 and theoretically has a more complex system with a mechanical gimbal, I do not doubt to see it cost a little less. Remember that HERO 7 Black costs $ 399.

If Osmo Action comes with specifications similar to or greater than HERO 7 Black, plus a good stabilization system than the big differential of the top GoPro model, the price can put the new DJI camera as a GoPro Killer, adding even more firewood. at the stake in the market fray between DJI and GoPro, which has the Chinese company taking a big advantage, especially as GoPro came close to breaking with the Karma drone release fiasco, the one that had to be fully retracted from the market after problems In the project, the company even abandoned this segment in 2018, by the way, being considered a great turnaround since it was coming from great financial losses due to this situation and finally starting to make a profit again, it remains to know how to be now with this fiercer competition with the company. DJI

Stay tuned that we will give more details as soon as the camera is announced. Also check out our reviews of DJI Osmo Pocket and from GoPro HERO7 Black.

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